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15 Pairings

a multiple pairings challenge

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15 Pairings ~ Multiple Pairing Challenge!
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Welcome to 15pairings

The goal of this group is to choose a fandom, and submit 15 romance-themed entries for that fandom. The catch is, each of those 15 entries has to feature a different pairing!

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Want to be added to the affiliate list? Drop a line here and we'll get back to you.


- unlike other claims games, more than one person can work on any series or theme at one time (because the pairings are multiple).

- fandoms can be anything, as long as it contains enough characters to pull up 15 different pairings. No real-person entries, please. Original works are allowed as well, as long as they are all from one fictional universe.

- Entries can be fanfiction or fanart.

- Each entry should have some romance in it somewhere, but it does not have to be a kiss, or sex. It does not count if its a picture of the two characters standing next to each other, or a fic that just happens to have the two characters in it. (It could be that nothing happens between the two, but the internal thoughts of one character makes it romantic, or something like that!)

- each entry needs to contain a pairing that hasn't been in another entry yet. characters can be reused, and pairings can reappear in other entries as long as there is another unique pairing in there.

For example: one entry may be about pairing characters AxB. AxB may show up again in another entry about pairing CxD, as long as CxD is a new pairing. You can also do another entry about AxC, or any new combination of those characters that has not been done yet.

- Be careful with groups of more than 2 characters. Triangles, threesomes, or larger groups will count for each pairing involved. You are allowed to use them, but you can not reuse any of the three pairings in another entry.

- There's no requirement for the length of an entry. It could be a paragraph or a multi-chaptered saga. It could be a sketch, or a full color fanart.

- There is no limit to the content of your entries, but if it contains adult material, you must put it behind a LJ-cut and say that it is to be viewed by 18+ readers only. Mark it as FRIENDS ONLY or this group could get into trouble. Any other warnings you think might be appropriate would be appreciated.

- entries can be old and used before on other challenges as long as they follow the other rules.

- There is no time limit, write at any pace you want.

- no plagiarizing another person's work.

If all else fails, ask the FAQ!

How to start:

1) Join the group. You do not need to watch the group if you wish not to. (You also don't have to participate to watch.)

2) Visit the (claim listings) to claim your fandom.

You'll also need to claim a theme set. What are the themes? Go here to pick one.

3) Wait for a response from one of our moderators. When they respond, you can post your entries.

How to post an entry:

Please construct your entry like this:

Subject: title-here by your-name, #of-the-theme

for example...
Subject: Deep Red by 100_series, #4


Title: (your own title)
Author: (preferably your LJ name, but pen names are okay.)
Theme: (the number and title of the theme)
Fandom: (the full name of your fandom)
Pairing: (the names the characters are best known by, if their full name is too complicated)
Disclaimer: (please state that the characters do not belong to you unless you are working out of your own original universe, in which case please claim them as your own instead.)

Then cut to your entry with a LJ-cut. If you don't know how or what a LJ-cut is, consult the FAQ.

Tags: Please tag your entries with the name of your fandom, the word "entries", and the theme in lower cases. The format for theme number is like so: #0 title-of-the-theme

Tags: final fantasy VI, #4 look who's on top!, entries

You can use the tagging option after you post to make things easier! Thanks for helping us keep things in order. If it's been a few days and your entry hasn't been tagged, or you find something improperly tagged, please comment here with a link to the entry.

When You've Finished:

If either you decide you can no longer continue writing or finish the challenge, please let us know in the Done/Drop a Claim thread.

Once you finish, you should be contacted by one of our lovely bannermakers. You will also be added to The 15pairings Hall of Fame.

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